Planning applications made speedier (12 seconds) with the @PlanningPortal

As you may be aware SNOW architects have been Smarter Planning Champions since March 2013 using the digital submission of planning applications to reduce carbon emissions and help the local planning authority process the application more efficiently.

A few weeks back the Planning Portal Director Chris Kendall challenged Agents to beat the 7 minute timescale to submit a householder application. Well this is the first opportunity we’ve had to make a Householder application and we managed to do it in 12 seconds… and we did a video to prove it…

okay a bit of a cheat as its a timelapse but still just under 7 minutes is great proof that the planning portal is great …..

If you’re interested here is the rear elevation of the proposed contemporary two storey extension. The extension will provide additional bedrooms whilst re-planning of the ground floor makes the house flow better. The extension provides a huge open plan living and kitchen area for the family (with 4 children) to use. A cantilevered corner provides uninterrupted views and access to the 1/2 acre tree lined rear garden.

contemporary house extension
contemporary house extension

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