Construction Power Group

We were approached by some like-minded business people and once a month we go to a group meeting with about ten other people running small to medium sized business and  chat about business problems and discuss solutions together, we agreed to set up our own group – the Construction Power Group

CPG has reached a number of small business (with no minimum turnover thresholds) that work in and around the construction industry in the North West (the geography is very negotiable) to cooperate in these areas:

1 – sharing business skills

2 – cross marketing

3 – networking together

4 – community activities

5 – contact sharing and recommending

The CPG have already thought of some basic rules of engagement or ground rules which are mostly about how much you should participate if you want to join up. We are architects, CDM coordinators, urban street furniture manufacturers, concrete repair specialists, project management, a bid managers, lawyers and and expert in dispute negotiations.

We are looking for some new members in the fields of engineering and service.


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