We are about to move to larger offices and have some spare capacity, if you fancy taking a desk or two then drop me a line… #coworking

Igloo Coworking space

Work alongside creative folk from a variety of different construction backgrounds and join other like-minded companies, well-connected great local places to eat, drink and be merry (or go shopping)

  • Easy in easy out desk rental space
  • High speed broadband access with Wi-fi connection available
  • 24/7 access
  • Open-plan space with use of open plan meeting spaces.
  • Kitchen facilities (tea and coffee included and occasional goodies!)
  • Pigeon hole post box
  • Storage Space

Whats included :-

24-hour access

This isn’t a crèche. You get a key and swipe card access, and can come and go as you please. Beware the cleaners if you are an early bird.

Meeting room included

Three shared meeting rooms of various sizes are included for all members, bookable through a Google Calendar at no extra charge.


Join a mix of entrepreneurial people from a construction background. There is no substitute for meeting people face-to-face and doing some…

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