Snow Architects have achieved Smarter Planning Champion status by the @PlanningPortal

SNOW Architects have been designated as a ‘Smarter Planning Champion’ status by the Planning Portal.

SNOW architects meet the Government requirements in following best practice for submitting planning applications via the government’s Planning Portal. This is a beneficial method of submission as it:

  • Helps local planning authorities process our applications more efficiently, and;
  • Reduces carbon emissions throughout the process.
  • Ensures that planning applications get displayed on the relevant Council websites in the best possible manner.

‘Smarter Planning’ is a partnership between planning agents, local planning authorities and the Planning Portal. It is a recognition that the industry needs to work together to streamline and improve the planning process. As a Smarter Planning Champion, SNOW Architects are proud to be part of this process streamlining the submission of planning applications.

Dave Cornett, Director of SNOW architects said: “We are delighted to have been awarded Smarter Planning Champion status. This acknowledges the work we’ve done to minimise the amount of paper we use as a business and issue to the planning department and the effort we’ve put in to submitting plans online. Using the portal has helped us reduce our printing and postage costs, whilst offering faster, more efficient services for Clients who also benefit from the cost savings.”

This benefits the Client with accurately detailed and concise planning applications allowing the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to fast track ‘Smarter Planning Champion’ submissions. This partnership between SNOW Architects, LPA’s and the Planning Portal recognises that the industry can benefit from a streamline and collaborative approach.

Since Christmas 2012 SNOW architects have made twelve planning applications online and already received four approvals due to their expertise in Planning Policy, the quality of their designs and 100% success rate. So if you would like more information on how SNOW architects can help manage your project please get in touch or call 0151 703 0500


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