SNOW Architects in top UK Twitter Users

Liverpool based SNOW architects are one of the best to follow on twitter in a chart complied and judged by a leading national architecture publication “Building Design”, the award winning Building Design magazine is published weekly, online and in print. It holds regular awards and the latest #BDtwitter100 is part of a number of twitter charts it has compiled for the built environment including most nominated, sustainability and education.

SNOW architects have done exceptionally well this year having been highly placed three categories “#BDTwitter100 2013: top 10 architecture practices“, “The #BDTwitter100 2013: the most useful tweeters in architectureand the number one position in the “#BDTwitter100 2013: the 10 most nominated” to follow on twitter, the most keenly awaited of the Building Design twitter charts and according to the magazine the hardest to compile. They purposely don’t order the group as a result of its diversity from internationally renowned architects to smaller practices.

Building Design stated that to be in the top ten they chose architects that ‘were a good combination of entertaining, influential, responsive, engaging and knowledgeable’. Dave Cornett, Director of SNOW architects is delighted to be in the list and very pleased to be recognised for his use of twitter, ‘I’m very keen to illustrate that all architects and practices are not pretentious, we are real down to earth people in the office and hopefully this comes across in our Social Media efforts. Twitter is a great way for people to learn and build relationships in a virtual world’.

This is another recent accolade SNOW architects has received for its work on twitter and social media, these include :-

  • Winning a BE2 Award for the ‘best use of photo/video’ for its Elmvale Photo Blog – A photoblog will form a diary of the project from start to completion, including the issues that have arisen in the meantime, from derelict function room, to partial collapse to high quality living accommodation
  • Nominated and finishing in the top 5 for the Most Influential Liverpool Twitter Users
  • included in other top 100 lists for The Architects Journal, Property Week.

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