Top 100 Architecture Tweeters, Polls and Results (2011) #BDTwitter100 and the forgotten #AJtCn100

Last week (1st Feb 2013) saw the relaunch of Building Design’s Twitter 100 for 2013. We are pleased to say we’ve had a great number of nominations so thanks very much…

BD twitter 100 tweet most nominated
BD twitter 100 tweet most nominated 5th Feb 2013


You can find out more about the “Competition” by viewing the Building Design Website and by following them online at @BDOnline and @AnnaWinston or follow the Twitter Hashtag #BDTwitter100

Anyway we’ve been here before, back in the olds days of 2011 a war erupted between the two great architectural publications on launching a “Top 100 architecture tweeters” In fact we actually appeared in both the Architects Journal article and the Building Design article.

We were interviewed by the Architects Journal on the question of winning work :-

“Dave Cornett (@snowarchitects)has been tweeting for 18 months and has won several projects through Twitter, including a fee proposal for a hotel in Lichfield and a feasibility study for a £10 million student housing scheme in Liverpool. He said: ‘We’re a small practice and we don’t have £1,000 to spend on marketing like the large firms. From tweeting about what we do and linking to our website we have had contact out of the blue from potential clients.’ “

The Original #AJtCn100 still exists but The Building Centre took over TcN (the Construction Network) and they have their own new competition now renamed the #AJTbCN100 League launching soon according to my sources… you can view the Building Centre’s Twitter Lists Including for the RICS here..

What we did notice at the time was a massive surge in people being interactive to try and bump up there Peer Index so it will be interesting to see who still exists and if they’ve new competition or fell off the Twitter Cliff….

The lists still appear on PeerIndex and for convenience we’ve embeded them below for you to peruse and perhaps find some new tweeps to follow >>

The top architecture tweeters from BDonline, home of the architecture community in the UK

Created by @bdonline



UK ARB Registered Architects

Collaboration between tCn and AJ – Architects Journal #AJtCn100

Created by @tcntweets

And for good luck our old friend @SuButcher who founded the orignal list from her @ArchitectLeague followers

Architects, Architects, Practices and Emerging Architecture Professionals (followed by @ArchitectLeague)

Created by @subutcher


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