Using Augmented Reality in the Construction Industry – Part 2 #AugmentedReality #QRcodes @daQRi

Continuing from #AugmentedReality and the #Architectmap – The Use of Augmented Reality in the Construction Industry – Part1 about the use of Augmented Reality I have been investigating ways of using Augmented Reality for Architectural projects using mobile technology.


Whilst the technology has existed for many years on desktop and laptop machines there did not appear to be a way of presenting a 3D model of a project using a smartphone or tablet. The whole idea was to produce a free or cheap way of presenting models to our Clients. Quite a lot of methods of this involved a knowledge of code or programming or a large investment to purchase or develop an app. So after testing a few apps and ideas we came across daQRi which uses QR codes as a trigger image to host the 3d model.


Below are a few screen shots of the models used, for the purpose of testing the performance of the Iphone 4 we did exported three projects and produce a low polygon, medium polygon and high polygon model, one for each project.



To explain the process we produced the following video which shows the app in action.



If you would like to view the models yourself then simply scan the following QR Codes



I’ve also been testing some Geo Located models so look out for my next attempt.


Hope you enjoy and thanks to tech support at daQRi for their assistance.