#AugmentedReality and the #Architectmap – The Use of Augmented Reality in the Construction Industry – Part1


Being a bit of a techie, I like playing with gadgets and software, I’ve been doing 3D models in CAD since 1988 and did my first website in 1996 so I do like to jump on the next big thing and have a play. So when I viewed articles about Augmented Reality I started getting excited about the possibilities, I’ve done some research and had a few twitter chats then on 30th Sept 2011 Mark Schumann (@MarkSchuey) posted a blog post Attempting Augmented Reality which I read with great enthusasim and promptly followed the instructions and downloaded the app. I was impressed and had a little play with it.

Today Mark posted a tweets about using AR on the #Architectmap (which is curated with Su Butcher)

“I’m looking to test out some with the community. More details on FB page”

“If you want to join the action, download the app and search for the ‘ArchitectMap’ channel”

Always up for a challenge, I made my first attempt at a piece of AR. I wanted to test something which was relatively easy for a first attempt, so am simply used an iPhone app which can recognise an image and then display a video on the device being used.

I have therefore created what is called an ‘Aura’ in the Aurasma App (@aurasma). It’s not clever or flashy, and there are plenty of other people out there doing much cooler stuff, but we all have to start somewhere. If you fancy giving it a go then follow the instructions below. This should work if you have an iPhone, iPad 2 or Android Smartphone.

  1. Install the Aurasma app from the iOS App Store or Android Market
  2. Search for the “ArchitectMap” Channel and Subscribe to it.
  3. As soon as the sharing is complete, hold your device up to my Twitter profile (pasted below for convenience but will work on Twitter itself).
  4. You should then see my first bit AR come to life.



Architect Map is on Google Maps http://t.co/VJng4EbS and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ArchitectMap to get yourself on the map follow Su Butchers instructions on her blog http://www.justpractising.com/construction-on-twitter/how-to-add-yourself-to-…

I’ve also been testing some Geo Located models so look out for my next attempt.


Hope you enjoy and thanks to Mark Schumann for his assistance/challenge/blog post.





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