10 Apps for architects or surveyors that they might actually use

There are plenty of lists on the internet that suggest great apps for architects which I tend to view and then *sigh* with disappointment. I wonder does anybody actually use them so here’s a list of Iphone apps we use and would recommend, in no particular order:-


1. Dropbox
A must for the mobile office.


Dropbox - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.



Upload your drawings and project information to Dropbox for access to the current projects information when your out of the office, send emails or view that construction detail on site.



2. PhotoSynth
Panoramic photos full 360 degree available





We always photograph projects when we visit but this little app by Microsoft is fantastic, take numerous photos and stitch them together. From just a few stitched photos up to full spherical panoramas, the Photosynth app allows you to take Photosynth on the go and use it anytime.



3. SunSeeker
Track the path of the sun in plan and in augmented reality


Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer




Great for showing Clients where the sun is on a particular time and day. For the extra wow factor show them using the 3d view.



4. Rightmove
Find property prices quickly.

Rightmove App




Handy little app to get prices and information of the properties in your location. Does your client really want a £1m home in an area where the average sales price is £500k? use this app to find out house prices in the area.



5. Evernote 


Evernote logo



Make notes on project conversations RFI’s etc and store them for the team. Using tags of the job number and action it makes it easy to see what needs to be done or has been done on a project.



6. Sketchbook Mobile
Fingertip doodles on your phone

SketchBook Mobile




Use it to digitally capture your ideas as napkin sketches or produce artwork on-the-go.



7. Tiltmeter
Measure angles of roof pitches etc.
Advanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter



Turns your iphone into an advanced leveling device, handy for measuring roof pitches whilst on site.



8. PictShare
Photo uploading
PictShare - multiple photos/movies uploader



Upload multiple photos from your phone to numerous locations, including, dropbox, facebook, picassa etc..



9. Skype 
when a phone call just isn’t enough information…






Share information with colleagues by pointing the phones camera at something, we use this on site or if we need a second opinion on those design changes.


10. Hootsuite






We use this to keep our Social Media presence up to date.




and a bonus sneeky one for good luck


11. Light


LED Light for iPhone 4 Free



Always caught short when visiting a site to discover there is no power we use the phones LED flash to find the way.



Try these other sites for inspiration :-


A collection of iPhone apps for the construction industry http://www.pauleycreative.co.uk/2011/01/iphone-apps-for-the-construction-industry/



SNOW architects ltd, Blackburne House, Hope Street, Liverpool, L8 7PE tel 0151 703 0500


SNOW architects is a RIBA Chartered Architectural practice based in Liverpool. SNOW architects are currently providing architectural services on projects with a contract value of up to £15m. Our current live projects range from extensions to client’s homes, restaurants, hotels, industrial units, student accommodation and mixed use schemes.

Whether the projects are large or small, their considered approach to design incorporate the commercial aspects, ease of construction, functionality, cost effectiveness, servicing, engineering and building regulations, important considerations often disregarded by many architects at the early stages.

SNOW architects believe their designs at feasibility stage should not differ greatly from the scheme finally delivered on site. Their commitment to design and functionality is carried throughout the process from concept to the final constructed building.

As an RIBA Chartered Practice SNOW architects adhere to a code of conduct, have appropriate quality assurance procedures and maintain professional indemnity insurance.


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