What’s in Store for SNOW Architects? Come and see us

Well to tell the truth it will be Dave and Kevin 🙂
As part of the 2011 Architecture festival we have offered our services to provide home owners access to our advice for 30 minutes throughout the day. This isn’t anything new as in previous years we have participated in the Grand Designs events and Architect in the House and last year we manned the Architruck at the Cheshire Show for the day. We also help throughout the year to raise funds for the Northwest Cancer Research Fund.

Dave offers advise at the Grand Design Show at the NEC Birmingham.

Dave Cornett, Director/Architectural technician said: “If you’ve got a project you’ve been keeping on the backburner or an idea to improve your home that you’ve mulled over but never looked into, Architect in the Store is a great opportunity to make a positive change after all an architect isn’t just for the rich and famous – whether your property is big or small, homeowners can really benefit from consulting an RIBA chartered architect.”
Sign up today by contacting Anna Johnson at the RIBA NW.
Details for this consultation are taken from the Architecture Festival Website :-
Architect In The Store – Details
Where: The Home Quarter , 53-55 Hanover Street, Liverpool L1 3DN (UK)
Date: Sat Jun 18,2011 -Sat Jun 18,2011
Time: 11:00 am -5:00 pm
Event description:

Architecture Festival 2011 is delighted to work with the Home Quarter to offer members of the public the chance to meet an architect and discuss how they can help them transform their home.

These free sessions last half an hour and the architects on hand will be able to provide advice and information about how you can add an extension, arrange a loft conversion or even completely re-model your home.
The architects on hand will help you decide how to get the best out of your home by offering advice on making the most of your budget as well as what planning permissions you may need.

Whilst these sessions are free BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL and can be done by e-mailing anna.johnson@inst.riba.org or by calling 0151 703 0107.


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