SNOW architects announce the support of @NWCRF #charitytuesday by providing FREE CONSULTATIONS

SNOW architects offer a free consultation service to private clients in order to give them some simple advice covering design ideas, budgets, party wall matters, planning issues, finding consultants and contractors, etc.
‘How many times have you wished for more space, more light and more storage, only to shelve the idea in the face of the intimidating challenge of realising such changes? Now you can get an architect to come round to your place for only £40 and give you advice on how best to make it happen. Even better, the cash goes to charity.’
We can certainly help you get started. In exchange for this we simply ask for a nominal donation to one of the charities we support, raising much needed money each year while also helping those clients who may not have known where to begin.
In the past few years we have raised thousands of pounds for the Henshaws Society for Blind People and Shelter (via Architect in the House) and this year is the turn of the North West Cancer Research Fund.

At North West Cancer Research Fund we know that the research we fund is vital to finding the causes of Cancer.

We know that by funding the first stages of Cancer research we might not get the big headlines. 
But we know that without us the bigger breakthroughs might never happen. 
We also know that research is not glamorous. That doesn’t mean that the way we raise those funds can’t be.
NWCRF is a regional independent charity, each year we aim to raise between £750,000 and £1m for research into the causes of cancer. All our funding stays in the region we raise; with grants awarded to scientists in Bangor University, Lancaster University and the University of Liverpool. 

The majority of these funds are raised by volunteer committees throughout the region; covering Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, North Shropshire and North and Mid Wales.
For every £1 raised an average of around 90p goes directly into research, making North West Cancer Research Fund one of the most value for money charities in the country.

Founded in 1948 as the Friends of the Liverpool Radium Institute, NWCRF are one of the oldest independent medical charities in the North West.
We have raised over £28 million for research to date.

North West Cancer Research Fund
22 Oxford Street,
L7 7BL
Tel:          0151 709 2919
Twitter:   @nwcrf


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