Don’t move Improve…

Extra living space is the holy grail for all homeowners, and the good news is that you don’t always need to move to find it. If your plot is big enough one of the easiest ways of increasing your space is by adding an extension.

Homeowners may be thinking of Christmas Presents but they should be thinking of the work required to get the home of their dreams ready for next summer. It’s worth considering all the bureaucracy and red tape involved, firstly, planning permission takes at least 8 weeks, and sometimes even longer. Then there’s finding and appointing a competent builder and more… all this takes time and planning.. add in the time for designing and amendments and it will generally take at least six months of hoop jumping before they even get to the point when you can consider a spade in the ground. This is the part of the process home owners do not appreciate.

So forget Christmas because now is a good time to start the process for that extension or extensive renovation as this can be one of the biggest investments in their lives, in terms of both time and money, this is why homeowners need to be organized and try make this process as simple and stress free as possible.


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